What You Should Know When Renting a Party Bus 

It’s called a party-bus for one reason, and that’s because people hire it to party in. Coachbuilders had built these vehicles to become mobile lounges. These buses have wet bars, disco lights, dance floors, and prominent poles. It can serve as the ultimate entertainment venue as it may even have stripper poles in it.  

Party busses appeal so much for young and adventurous crowds. That’s why these vehicles are marketed to them. But how far can a party bus take you in terms of entertainment, music, alcohol consumption, etiquette, and destinations? Usually, the operators have the last say on that.  

Party Bus Decorum 

Since it’s a party, it’s normal to expect that the passengers go wild and loud for as long as they want. But then, there are unspoken rules when it comes to these vehicles. For starters, you’ll be charged a clean-up fee if you return the bus in a devastating shape. With that said, you may want to regulate what’s happening inside it.  

Alcohol can cause a lot of mess and that means you’ll be liable to pay for whatever damage or cleaning required by the bus to restore it to the same condition when you rented it. It’s common to be charged excessive cleanup fees because when you’re drunk, you tend to do things that are unaccounted for.  

Keep in mind that the chauffeur was sober the whole time, and you can’t argue your way out of these charges. There are people who would even sue the party bus company because they felt that they were charged for cleaning so much. The best way to prevent problems like these is to ensure that you observe party bus decorum at all times. You can always drink at the bar.  

Recovery of Losses  

Most party bus operators will get the renters to sign a contract upon release of the vehicle. If you’re the one renting the vehicle, then you must make sure that you understand what’s in the contract. Be aware of the extra fees that will incur. There may be a lot of other charges listed in there, such as you’ll be liable for damage to glassware, audio equipment, floor and carpet stains, and strewn garbage.  

Most often than not, the operators will request for an excessive cleaning deposit charged on your credit card. The deposit won’t be returned if they find that the vehicle is returned in a less than desirable shape. But if you were good at taking care of the party bus, then they will release the held funds to your credit card.  

Have Clean Fun in a Party Bus  

It is expected that you’ll have fun in a party bus but try to keep it clean. There are rules that you have to follow while on the road. Not because you’re in a party bus you’re exempted from the traffic laws. In some states, there’s a need for a licensed security guard on board a party bus if alcohol has to be served to more than 15 passengers. You’ll know more about these rules from the operator. Be sure to ask about what’s allowed and what’s not, especially if this is the first time that you’re renting a party bus San Antonio TX.